The Redhill Valleys Release Their Brand New Single “Steady The Wheel”!

The Redhill Valleys

“Steady The Wheel”

Today, Americana/Roots Band The Redhill Valleys release their brand new single “Steady The Wheel” via MDM Recordings Inc / Universal Music Canada. With their captivating fusion of commanding harmonies and rustic guitar melodies, and talent for storytelling, The Redhill Valleys have asserted themselves as an undeniable musical force. The Redhill Valleys are poised for an exciting future as they continue to create and release new music. With its distinctive blend of Americana, roots, and rock influences, ‘Steady The Wheel’ is sure to connect with fans far and wide.

A Message from The Redhill Valleys

“‘Steady The Wheel’ takes you on a journey down an endless open road with a couple who, despite hitting some hard times, find solace in the love that they have for each other. The song explores the topic of mental health and the challenges that it can impose on a relationship, emphasizing the importance of seeking help when you feel like you’re losing control. As the miles stretch ahead, their bond strengthens, knowing that together they can navigate through life’s winding path.”