The Redhill Valleys Release New Single “Making Rumours”!

The Redhill Valleys

“Making Rumours”

Today, Alt Country/Americana band The Redhill Valleys release their brand new single “Making Rumours” via MDM Recordings Inc / Universal Music Canada. “Making Rumours” is an emotionally charged, provocative track that delves into the intricate web of secret relationships, exploring the lengths people will go in order to keep them concealed, and the freedom that comes with revealing the truth. Last month, The Redhill Valleys released their single “Rhinestoned” digitally and, as of April 17th, it is now available at country radio!

A Message from The Redhill Valleys

“’Making Rumours’ is a moody, intimate yet sonically dynamic song revolving around clandestine lovers trying to keep their torrid relationship a secret from prying eyes and whispering lips. ‘Making Rumours’ builds to an eruptive musical closing which coincides with the story’s lovers throwing caution to the wind and giving in to their deepest desires, unable to resist any longer, and no longer caring what repercussions they may have to face. Musically, ‘Making Rumours’ nods to legends of the 1970’s while remaining wholly unique.”